Public Awareness of Importance of Cultural Resources

Vital Sign Measures: Percent of residents and visitors that understand the importance of: 4.1.c Archaeological Resources, 4.2.c Historic Resources, and 4.3.c Traditional Cultural Properties

Archaeological, historic, and traditional cultural property resources are defined separately. However, because there is overlap and the technical definitions may not be fully developed (e.g. traditional cultural properties) or understood by the public, visitor and resident perceptions of their importance are combined here.

This indicator asks a question that cannot be answered simply. To determine if someone understands the importance of a resource, one would have to compare an individual's knowledge to a comprehensive catalog of information and then decide how much they would have to know to "understand". Therefore, the information presented below is a reflection of the percent of people who think these cultural resources are important to understand rather than how much they understand of their importance.

Information source:2011 Columbia River Gorge Vital Signs Indicators Resident and Visitor Study: Report

Survey Question:Is understanding the history and cultural resources of the Columbia River Gorge important to you?

Results:Overall, approximately 85% of respondents said understanding these resources was important. There was no statistical difference between residents and visitors.

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